Betting Glossary - Essential Betting Terms beginning with A

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A bet that four or more horses win, or are placed (each way), in separate races run on the same day. The winnings on the first horse go onto the second and then onto the third, fourth and so on. It is also possible to bet on four or more sports events on different days, including major horse races advertised ante-post. (Also described as four timers, four-folds, five timers, five-folds etc). When you put an accumulator bet on, you are betting on a number of selections, and all of them must win for the bet to be successful. Once the first win has occurred, the winnings and original stake are wagered on the next bet, and so on until all bets have been completed. So if the first bet on a £10 stake won at 5-1, the amount rolled forward onto the next bet would be £60, and so on. Also: Roll-up. See parlay.
Acts on
performs on
Added Game
a game not part of Las Vegas regular rotation posted as an accommodation to customers.
Added Money
money added to race prize fund by the sponsor and/or racecourse executive 
All out
making every effort
weight relief of up to 7lb awarded to a horse to compensate for it's riders inexperience
Also ran
A horse unplaced in race
Amateur Rider
Jockey without a license from the Jockey Club, who does not receive a fee for riding in a race
Ante post
These bets are made on future events, perhaps even before all the details of the event is known (eg the list of runners declaring for a horse race). If your selection is dropped or not entered, you lose your bet. In the case of the Classics or big National Hunt events this could be a year or more before the race takes place.
A boy rider apprenticed to a racing stable until he is aged 25 or until he has ridden 95 winners.
Asian handicaps
Mainly used in football, Sides are awarded anywhere between a fraction of a goal start to 3 goals dependent on how good or bad they are. The bookies may also award a side half a point start which effectively eliminates the draw. This form of betting is particularly common in the Far East.
At the post
the point at which horses gather immediately before the start of a race
Against the Spread Result. Example, Team A might win the game SU (straight up), but lose ATS if they are favored by 10 and only win by 6.
All weather track (fibre-sand).