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Betting Glossary - Essential Betting Terms beginning with W

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See bet, lay, gamble.
Race with only one runner
A commercial organisation which handles administration on behalf of the racing industry.
After each race the jockeys on the winning and placed horses must be weighed to check they are carrying the same weight as at the start of the race.
Weighing in/out
Procedure whereby jockeys (and their tack) are weighed prior to and immediately after the race to ensure they are achieving the weight required by the handicapper
Weighing Room
Room in which jockeys weigh in/out
The weight carried by each horse in a race. Includes the jockey and all equipment except the bridle and the jockey's helmet. If this is not enough to match the weight demanded by the official 'handicapper' then dead weight is added to the saddle pockets. If the jockey is too heavy he will try to make the weight by ay, taking a sauna. If he fails, the fact that he is 'carrying overweight' will be announced on the race course.
Weight cloth
Cloth with pockets for lead weights placed under saddle
Weight for age
Weight allowance given to a horse on account of it's age
Lead strips placed in a weight cloth to bring the jockey/tack up to the handicap weight
Anyone, particularly a bookmaker, who fails to pay on a wager.
A lash attached to a stick for urging on horse
Win and place
Similar to an Each Way bet, but whereas with Each Way you stake the same amount of money on 'each way' of winning (one way is for your selection to win outright, the other way is for it to get a place), with a Win And Place bet you can specify different stakes for the win part and the place part of the bet.
Win only
Betting markets where no each-way betting is available.
Win Pool
The Tote operates pools for win and place betting. For a dividend from the win pool, your chosen horse must win - second, third or any other position will not count.
Win Single
One bet selecting the winner of a race.
Win too far
when a horse is extended in a race to win by an uneccessarily large margin, risking more severe treatment by a handicapper.
Post marking the end of a race
See net win.
Wise Guy
Established and successful sports bettor
With the field
Describes a bet placed to include all the runners, or the remaining runners in a race.