What We Do Posted:
10th Jan 2012

Since 2005, Besttipping has been allowing it's members to scrutinise the results of many of the country's leading subscription tipster services. Each of our tipsters add Bestipping to it's client list so that we receive the same selections as it's paying members. In addition, we insist that they demonstrate the availability of the price they recommend by sending a screenshot from the relevant bookmaker at the same time. We then automatically forward their advice to an independent auditor which verifies that these emails have been received on time and in accordance with Besttipping rules. Further, the accountants have confirmed that Besttipping proofing procedures are in line with the CAP * help note on betting tipsters.

All of this serves to provide a platform where you can see the sort of returns you might expect from various services. Should you decide to join any of the services we monitor, you can do so through this site and get an introductory reduction on the subscription price to get you started!

*CAP is the industry facing sister organisation of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). CAP writes and administers the Code that advertisers (in this case Tipsters) need to comply with and to respond to, consumer complaints about advertisements that fall within the Code's terms of reference. Besttipping sought advice from CAP when setting procedures for their proofing service and have agreed and put in place a number of procedures in accordance with the CAP Help Note and guidelines for Betting Tipsters.