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Online betting: How to make the most of betting odd movements wisely and cautiously

If you  want to eye up that massive sports event that is coming up, it would be a great idea to keep track of odds. Moving odds is a thing, and it is worth doing some digging to update your betting options. There is no big strategy to odds and betting, the only advice we can give you is check the odds and also check out what other punters are doing. Going with the flow is one of the most sought after and celebrated methods of beating around, hence if you want to keep track of odds movement, the best way to do so is via checking odd trackers for anything you want to be on.

Whilst the flock might not always be right, betting the same way others punters are is quite popular. Online Bookmakers might grant you a small amount of you win the common bet, however if everyone is betting on a particular game outcome, and the unpopular odds win, then the person not going with the flow in terms of betting could pocket some good winnings.

Let us take for example an upcoming boxing match.  And let’s say that a solid 85% of the punters favour athlete A as opposed to athlete B.If Athlete A wins, and the odds have not moved, this would mean that 85% of the bettors would win, and that could potentially see the online gambling site shut its doors due to becoming bankrupt. This is the reason that bets and odds move, and this is the reason why you should always take a closer look and see if you want to place your bets on the underdog.

What to look for when placing bets

There is a specific reason why bets odds move prior to a sporting event in this case.  Let’s take football for example which is a sport that all of us have placed a bet on, at some point of our lives.  Football is all about the transfer market, which players are playing and how is the morale at the team when the upcoming match is due to happen.  Another element to think about when trying to take advantage of moving odds is the amount of injuries that the team has. Let’s say for example that Barcellona FC is playing the final of the Champions league, and 3 days before the big match, Lionel Messi is incapacitated with a sporting injury that will forbid him playing at the final match.  How would the odds change with that happening?  They would definitely move drastically, keeping in mind that Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the club, and many on the pitch action depends on the player himself. In a nutshell, injuries play a big part in.

Where and how to track odd movements

There are many ways that you can keep track with moving odds, a good place to start is the internet and sports betting sites. Just to be on the safe side, you will find sites that will alter the odds and will try to sway you to a specific direction for their own benefit, so always visit sites that are reputable and offer a good and viable source of information. So basically, filter the bad from the good.

Oddschecker checks out what is happening with team output and then adjusts the odds as per that logic. Let us take a Premier League match for example. The Premier League has been around for a good amount of years, it is one of the most fought after football leagues in Europe and followed by many fans worldwide. Odds are generated on specific data and information and also follows what punters and thinking and done.  Some of the biggest sports betting sites out there hold thousands of pounds in stakes and odds, and changing a stake means something major has happened in the team.  A big injury, maybe the coach losing the dressing room, just like when Manchester United has a losing streak towards the end of the Jose Mouriho era.  Basically, there needs to be a massive event to move odds, as in most instances, odds stay very much close to the original odds published. This rule of thumb applies for major sporting events, whilst in smaller leagues things odds movement is much more simpler due to volatility of bets.

Who compiles the odds an why

Betting and the placing of odds is always done by a company or a group of people who compile the odds. If you know some background on the people who offer you odds, your bet choice would be much better and potentially you would have more chances to land a win. Bets are drawn via the below formula

  1. People across the globe will have the same thoughts and ideology about how the outcome of a match will go.  If 90% of the punters follow a specific betting pattern, this means that most probably the game has a specific envisaged outcome, hence the odds placed in a certain way.
  2. High rollers have a massive weigh in on how the odds movements are applied. If a certain amount of high rollers place massive bets on an outcome of the game / match / fight, the sportsbook world would go bankrupt if the odds are in favour of that specific common bet. Hence in this case, odds move not to pay out high stakes players massive funds.
  3. Online gambling sites might be adjusting the odds to make sure that they offer a wider arena for new gamblers to place a bet. This will of course bring more business, traffic and commission to the specific site that the bets are placed at / moved.

When you place a bet, you are practically placing a portion of your money in a risky situation in the hopes of landing a bigger win, a better return on your money. To make sure that your bet is safe, you should always check what other punters are doing. Why is it that a specific amount of bettors feel that a game will have a specific outcome and not another? Like we always suggest, it would be a wise choice to stick to the common choice of bet, and not taking risks on your betting.  If you want to take that risk, make sure that the underdog has solid foundations to bring to the table. Or, a major catastrophe has occurred in the favourite team to win.

There are specific times when an online bookmaker would freeze bets, meaning will only allow a specific amount of bets to be placed.  If the amount of bets goes over the amount stipulated by the bookie, the site might go bust. This odds movement happens when a punter goes back to revisit the original bet, and feels he was wrong in his initial predictions. It happens. In most of the times, this situation happens in minor sporting leagues where the money wagered is not as high as bigger sporting leagues.

How to make the most of odds movements, and make money out of it

Now that we talked about how odd movements happen and the reasoning behind it.  Any good amount of research would help for starters. This is the best way to know how to take advantage of movements.  Notable changes in ame formations are one thing to consider when tracking odds.  If today you placed an odd on a team and their winning chances are 80% and the next day they drop to 65%, there is a reason for that, and your job as a punter is to understand why the shift in odds.

Placing quick odds without any groundwork and digging is never advisable, as this could see you risk and lose all your bet money. Make an effort to understand why odds have moved up or down and act accordingly. Whilst odds change a lot during the week leading up to the sporting event, you might have times where you just want to go all in with the flow, this is where we suggest that you hold your horses. Look, investigate, be sure and then manage your online betting strategy.  Acting on impulse, could have negative effects on your overall bankroll.