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The PERSONAL INFO Horse Racing Advisory Service is presented and run by Kevin Mather who is one of the very best professional horse racing tipsters in the industry as the bullet points of his service WILL prove.

This is the latest Detailed Report on The PERSONAL INFO Mainline Service (All Bets) dated 01 February 2019:

PERSONAL INFO MAINLINE PROFIT & LOSS stats going back almost 14 years (167 months 13 Years 11 Months) = Total Profit of +£202,328*

More of our PROVEN long-term figures later in this report!


Firstly, some shorter-term PROVEN STATS:

Full stats horse bets from August 2014 up to and including January 2019 (last 54 Months):
(We have done this report on our Mainline Service over the last 54 months as it is the same time scale from the start of our Saturday Only Service, and so it will make it easier to compare the services):

We have recorded proven profits in 41 of the last 54 Months on our Mainline Service = a 76% profitable month Strike Rate!   

Full stats on all horses advised from August 2014 up to and including January 2019:

Total races advised in during this period = 1010 
469 WINNERS from 1010 races = a WIN race STRIKE RATE of 46.4% (excluding Placed Horses)
Plus, we have also advised a further 131 Placed horses in those races advise in Each-Way bets.

Plus, we also advised a further 131 horses that secured a place return advised in Each-Way Bets in these races


More Total’s:

Average price advised on each horse: 4.12
Average stake advised on each horse: 1.12

Total profit+114.38 
Profit from £200pp stakes = + £22,876
Profit from £100pp stakes = + £11,438

pp = Per Point

The 469 WINNERS from this period include:


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All terms include a SMS text and or email ALERT sent out as a courtesy as and when each bet is advised. 

All Bullet Points above dated 01 February 2019

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Kind Regards
Kevin Mather (Director) 



..Stop Press!....More Personal Info Bullet Points dated Friday 01 February 2019

We now have 2019 up and running on our Mainline Service (All Bets) with a profitable start to 2019 so far with 8 WINNERS advised including: Go Long Won 15/8 (2nd fav), Rock Bottom Won 9/4 (2nd fav), Howling Milan Won 15/2 adv > 5/1, Ah Littleluck Won 7/2 adv (touched 4/1 > 7/2 sp 3rd fav), & ......Ingleby Hollow Won 15/8 adv (just missed 2/1) > 6/4, from just the 11 races advised in, in January 2019

This follows hot on the heels of a very successful December 2018 in which our patience paid handsome dividends as we advised 7 WINNERS and 1 Placed horse (2nd) advised in an Each-Way Bet at 10/1 from just the 10 races advised in, in December 2018
This = a 70% Win race Strike Rate & a 80% Profitable race Strike Rate!

However, if we also include our last race in November in which we advised Agincourt Reef Won 10/3 adv, and our profitable start to January 2019 it means we have now Won 16 and had 1 Placed horse (2nd) advised in an Each-Way Bet at 10/1 from the last 22 races advised in on our Mainline Service = a 73% Win race Strike Rate & a 77% profitable race Strike Rate! (17 from 22).   

Almost 14 years:  

*Proven Profits at £200pp stakes = +£202,328* this is for all Proven Profits on All Mainline bets
from March 2005 up to and including January 2019 almost 14 years (167 months 13 Years 11 Months).  Recorded points = +1011.64 at time of claims on 01/02/19
pp = per point