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Proofing To Us

If you are an established  tipping service with a successful track record and are interested in being monitored by Besttipping, please contact our commercial director at with the attached form completed:

Applicaton Form

But to start with the following will answer most of your qestions:


Who is Besttipping? is an independent tipster-monitoring site. We are not owned by any tipster service and have no shareholder interest in any service. 
How long do I need to proof to you until you put me on your site?
We require services to be proofed to us for approximately one month prior to make them ‘live’ on the site in order to provide a reasonable amount of data to our customers.
Can I send you old data proofed to other services to enter?
No, I am afraid not, due to how we work it would not be feasible – see below, however you can talk about your longer record in your copy on your ‘Tipster Page’.
How do I proof to you?
You need to do several things.  
1. You need to add your dedicated email address we will give you to your client list – we give you a dedicated email address to reduce spam etc issues
2. You will in addition need to send to your dedicated email address an excel spread sheet we will give you
3. You will need to add to your client list
What is the to ‘’ email address for
This email address is for our accountants to allow them to independently audit all tips in line with the CAP Help Note on Betting Tipsters.  Besttipping have no access to these emails.  If you do not send them to this email address as well as the address then your tips are NOT being proofed by Besttipping in line with the CAP Help Note on Betting Tipsters and the Besttipping service can not be used to substantiate any claims made.
Who is CAP?
CAP is the industry facing sister organisation of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).  CAP writes and administers the Code that advertisers (in this case Tipsters) need to comply with and the ASA respond to consumer complaints about advertisements that fall within the Code’s terms of reference.  Besttipping sought advice from CAP when setting procedures for their proofing service and have agreed and put in place a number of procedures in accordance with the CAP Help Note and guidelines for Betting Tipsters.
What does proofing to Besttipping mean to you?
As you start to build up your history you will be able to advertise in an increasing range of magazines and newspapers.  All you will need to state, at the bottom of the adverts, is ‘Proofed to Besttipping’.  You will only be able to place advertising using claims built up from when you start proofing to Besttipping using the procedure outlined above.
What publications accept this?
Besttipping sought advice from CAP in June 2006 and already the following publications have confirmed they will take advertising from tipsters who proof to Besttipping:
The Express
The Star
Weatherbys who produce the following: 
o The National Hunt Betting Guide 
o The Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide 
o The Aintree Festivals Betting Guide 
o The Summer Festivals Betting 
Investors Chronicle 
Inside Edge 
World Poker Tour Magazine 
Internet Gambler 
Why not the Racing Post
Currently The Racing Post, despite not allowing their proofing service to be seen publicly, believe we are competitive to them and thus do not have to accept proofing with us.  This is despite the explanation above, we hope this may change in the near future though – recent acceptance of our proofing by them may mean this is now changing but has yet to be confirmed.
How does Besttipping make its money?
We charge commission on all customers who subscribe to your service.  However you must always offer customers the same, or better prices through Besttipping than you would by going direct to your site.
How often do you update the data
We do this generally once a month.
I have more than one service will you proof them all?
Yes, but where a tipster offers several services for one ‘all inclusive' price Besttipping have a policy of listing all the services together. This is done to ensure the customer gets a truer picture of the overall performance of the tipster. Back and lays however, Besttipping do list separately as not everyone wishes to lay.
What sports do you cover?
We currently just cover horse racing, backing not laying
Do I have to use your logo/link on my site?
Yes, as part of our agreements with nearly all tipsters we insist that if we are doing their proofing that on their site, and generally on the home page they must use the square banner to state they are proofed by Besttipping. 
Will you proof all my tips in a service?
We proof all bets that are relevant to the name of the service.  Thus if a service is sold as a ‘Horse Racing’ service we will not proof bets on Golf or if it will snow that might be sent out.  However if the service is an ‘Exotic’ service and clearly states it covers sports and other things yes we will proof the tips.  Overall we proof what the service sells itself as and this is defined by the description used on the Besttipping Tipster Page.
Can I use Recommended prices
Yes you can but not from exchanged and only from leading bookmakers.  In addition where a recommended price is used we do now require that you send a screenshot with the excel proofing sheet so that if there are any disputes in the future the ASA can see where that price came from.
Do I have to give you an Exclusive Offer
Yes, one of the key parts to our site is giving punters extra value, plus it helps you as they must state they came through Besttipping to get the offer making things easier to track for you.  The offer can be discount or extra months free or combinations of.
Do I have to have a live website consumers can sign up on 
Yes, as we make our commissions/income through referrals to you, we must have a website that is yours alone to send them to.