What is a tipster service? Posted:
5th Dec 2006

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A Tipster Service provides tips, that is information on which horse will win a particular race,  based either on analsyis or inside information. Many Tipster Services are very secretive about how they go about their business, claiming a wide range of contacts and sources that makes their tipster service unique. Others are far more open, stating it is based on deep understanding and analsyis of form and on an intimate understanding of jockeys, trainers, race courses and conditions. Many who do the analsyis have built proprietary computer systems to enable them to carry out this analsyis quickly and to thereby see 'value' ahead of the others.

Tipster Services though should not be confused with Rating Services. Unlike true Tipster Services who will generally only give a few tips a day as a maximum, a rating service will look to analyse all races and provide ratings/recommendations for every horse – this is not a tipster service. With a rating service therefore, it becomes a question of backing enough horses in enough races for the probability curve to come into your favour. With a Tipster Service it is about a fewer, quality bets where the price obtained is very much higher than the actual chances of the horse obliging.