Why you should consider Double Chance betting

Safe betting is a message that every sportsbook will always have at the forefront of its product messaging. How the punter chooses to bet, however, is still up to them.

There are several safe betting options for punters like Singles and Over/Under bets. However, there’s an option which is not as popular but has the best chance of yielding the most favourable results for punters who do not delight in risk.

That option is the Double Chance option and this article, prepared after a careful study of online betting strategies and tips, will show you why this is a good choice.

What is Double Chance?
Football matches have three possible options: win, draw or loss. The exception is knockout games in a tournament. Double Chance betting option gives the punter a better chance of winning as it allows for the opportunity to bet on two of the three possible results of a football match.

The options available in a Double Chance bet are home win or draw, away win or draw, and home or away win. If you choose to place a Double Chance bet on the home team, you could bet on them winning or drawing. If you choose to bet on the away team, you could bet on them winning or drawing. If you choose to bet on the match as a whole, you could place a bet on either team to win.

Whatever option you select, a Double Chance bet gives you the safe landing pad that other betting choices do not as you’re likely to win your bet. The best part about Double Chance bets? It is not limited to just football. This means that you could bet on any sport, even if you know nothing about it.

Double Chance vs Other safe betting choices
As stated earlier in the article, Double Chance is one of three safe betting choices, the other two being Single bets and Over/Under bets. These three choices typically have the lowest odds assigned to them – because bookmakers would lose more money if the odds were higher on these options – and the highest winning probability.

Single bets are the easiest and the most popular betting option among punters. It is a type of bet in which all selections must come true for the bettor to win i.e. a punter chooses to bet on a number of matches and selects different teams to win or draw. If one of the predictions is wrong, they lose the whole bet.

Over/Under bets focus solely on the total number of goals that could be scored in a match i.e. if a sportsbook thinks that a game will have two goals in total, the bettor can choose to bet over or under two goals. This is also a very popular selection among punters because it’s a lot easier to predict in totality.

Where Double Chance trumps both, despite being the least popular of the three safe betting choices, is that the punter bets on two different options at once. This expands the punter’s possibility of winning the bet. Both Singles and Over/Under bets focus on one outcome.

How to use Double Chance betting
Double Chance betting is designed to work on the standard three-way betting option of 1 X 2 where “1” represents the home team, “X” represents a draw and “2” represents the away team.

When you select this betting option, you have to specify that you want to bet using the Double Chance option. The bookmaker will then provide you odds for home win or draw, represented as “1 or X”; away win or draw, represented as “X or 2”; and home or away win, represented as “1 or 2”. You are now free to select which two outcomes you think are the likeliest to occur for the match you are betting on.

To maximize your profits, however, an accumulator bet is best. This is due to the low odds on offer for Double Chance as stated earlier. Also, remember that you do not have to bet on the best team or your favourite team to win when playing using the Double Chance option.

When to use Double Chance betting choice
Betting is still a game of probabilities, even if Double Chance bets increase them. This means that there has to be some form of analysis to evaluate the probability of your selections coming true, or you’ll lose money.

This means taking a look at the form of the teams in question and their upcoming fixtures. It also means taking a look at their situation on the league or championship table, injuries, and other specifics like home and away form and squid availability.

We discovered after our careful study of online betting strategies that it is research like this that makes it the least popular of the safe betting choices. The rewards are usually worth it in the end, however.