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A Free Horse Racing Tip - too good to be true? Posted:
5th Dec 2006

Welcome to Besttipping, the only true professional tipster proofing service on the web and the only site where you can see which tipsters are delivering and why although a free horse racing tip sounds good it is only by looking at past results, professional proofed that you can really judge why it is worth paying for tips.  If you want to look at the tipsters and see their results you will need to register, this is FREE.  We will never charge you anything and you can then review all the tipsters to see who has delivered both recently and long term.

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How many times have you been told “I have a free horse racing tip for you”? We all have, and most times we think to ourselves that it's bound to be too good to be true - and guess what? It is. There are hundreds of tipsters out there that claim to be making money. Many of these go on sites  boldly offering  "Free Horse Racing Tips" to get you excited or as an inducement to get you to keep coming back on the basis of if they can offer you tips for free then you will subscribe through their site to other services. However, the bottom line is very few tipsters are really good and what Besttipping aims to do is allow you to identify those that are. There is no such thing as a free lunch and this is why decent services charge money!.


If you search on Google or MSN for free tips you'll find an avalanche of people all looking to give you free advice – so why pay for it. Simple answer is that the tipsters on Besttiping all make their living by selling their tips not by giving away free horse racing tips. The people in the know need to make a living and they can only do that by delivering winners not this week and next week but over the long term to keep their customers happy.


In summary therefore when reading the line ‘Free Horse Racing Tip’ remember that nothing good is ever free and in fact what is normally free is not what having. Qualities costs money and only by looking at past performance over the long term can punters identify which tipsters are worth the money. The true professional tipsters though never offer this as a single tip is never the way to judge them – that can only be done over the long term by a proofing service like Besttipping.


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