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18th Apr 2012

Besttipping is the only 'Professional' service and when you register, you will have access to all of Besttipping's unique features, which will help you identify the best tipsters. Registering is easy and FREE

Top Tipsters all in one place

  • See how all the best tipsters are performing in one easy-to-view list.
  • View in-depth details for each Tipster.
  • View options by date, stakes, price and stake.
  • Get special deals on subscription rates.
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Exclusive Bookmaker offers

We have teamed up with the biggest bookmakers to bring you some fantastic offers. Simply register with Besttipping and start saving money!

  • Get a head start with £hundreds in free bets.
  • Always get on the selection at the best price.
  • Take advantage of 'specials' run daily.
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Great graphs and functionality

  • View results graphically
  • View results by level flat stake (£10, £50 or £100 you decide)
  • View results by points (if the tipster uses this system)
  • View total win value and percentage of winners
  • View results over different periods e.g. 30 days, 90 days, year to date
  • View results against SP or recommended price
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Why choose Besttipping?

  • Established since 2005
  • We are totally independent with no shareholders
  • Inspected and approved by CAP (part of the Advertising Standards Authority)
  • Compare tipsters and see who is currently making the money
  • Save money with our great bookmaker offers
  • Our service is FREE to use

Totally FREE tipster service

  • Besttipping costs nothing for users to join - we are a FREE service.
  • The service is free forever, We will never write to you and try to charge you a fee for the tipster comparison service.
  • We do not charge tipsters anything to be monitored by us.

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Besttipping is a free tipster comparison service

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The Press

The Directors of Sporting Sites Worldwide Ltd, owners of are happy to talk to the press at any time and can be reached either by email or mobile phone:

Managing Director
Mike Dinan

M: 07900 282 362


Commercial Director
David Parker

M: 07712 079 307


Who is Besttipping? is an independent tipster-monitoring site. We are not owned by any tipster service and have no shareholder interest in any service. Our aim is to de-mystify the tipster industry, thereby allowing subscribers to make informed decisions about the investment potential of various services.

Many tipsters claim impressive track records and in some cases, these results are undoubtedly true. Claims are very easy to make and without proper policing, it is difficult for the potential customer to subscribe with any real confidence.

The best tipster services are heavily subscribed and offer consistent returns. Indeed, bookmakers themselves are well known to subscribe to the better ones in order to avoid exposure on horses which are likely to out-perform. The best tipsters are profitable month after month, year after year. Others are not. Besttipping will help you tell the difference.


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How we work

Besttipping receives selections from all it's tipsters well before the start time of the event. These selections (the same ones they are sending out to their regular subscribers) are later settled against the day's results and entered into the Besttipping database.

We allow tipsters to recommend stakes within a strict range of 1-12. By imposing an upper limit, Besttipping eliminate the ability of a tipster to simply chase losses and thereby place the emphasis firmly on the quality of the selections while recognising the added value of a sensible staking plan.

We allow tipsters to suggest a price for each selection. Besttipping makes every effort to ensure that a price was indeed available before including it our database. Where the price is found to be overstated, or where reduction factors are relevant we will reduce the price accordingly. Where the suggested price is in fact lower than prices generally available, the recommended (lower) price will be the one used.

Tipsters who continually suggest prices not generally available will be moved onto an 'SP ONLY' basis. For tipsters who are categorised under 'Horse Racing' if they give recommendations in other sports these will not be included in their proofing P&L as Besttipping beleive customers who subscribe to these services are looking for Horse Racing tips. Only tipsters who are categorised under 'Sports Betting' will have all sports covered within their P&L.

The result is that we are able to display a complete and accurate (and above all, independently verifiable!) record of how each service is performing over a period of time. Where a tipster offers several services for one ‘all inclusive' price Besttipping have a policy of listing all the services together. This is done to ensure the customer gets a truer picture of the overall performance of the tipster. Besttipping do list ‘back & lays' separately however as not everyone wishes to lay.

Besttipping update the database and front page copy at least once a month, usally mid month. If there is a significant move, or something we particularly wish to report on however, we may update more often.

Generally tipsters will only be proofed once they have an established reputation. If a tipster stops proofing to us we place their information in a 'dormant' category. There may be many reasons a tipster stops proofing to us however once they stop only in excpetional situations will they be allowed to continue again, this prevents tipsters stopping and starting as soon as they have a bad patch.


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What does it costs?

Besttipping costs nothing for users to join - we are a FREE service. The service is free forever, We will never write to you and try to charge you a fee for the tipster comparison service.

We also do not charge tipsters anything to be monitored by us.


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I'm a tipster, how can I be monitored by you?

If you are a tipster and want to be monitored by us, it is totally FREE. We offer a tracking service that means you can be 100% certain your emails are not opened until after the event, thus protecting your intellectual property, whilst we can ensure they are received prior to events. We do all of the data entry, all you need to do is set us up as a client/customer.

Please write in the first instance to the Commercial Director of Besttipping at: and we will respond within 48 hours with additional information.


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I would like to advertise on your site?

If you would like to place advertising on the site please contact the Commercial Director, David Parker on to discuss your detail requirements.


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Company Details

Sporting Sites Worldwide Ltd. is a limited company registered in England, company number 5597046, registered office.11 Horsell Park Close, Woking, GU21 4LZ