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How can I become a Horse Racing Tipster? Posted:
5th Dec 2006

The best way is for you to register on our sister site called

"If you are a tipster looking to provide your own service, Toptipsters can help. For a small cost we can set you up with you own web page which you can customise and enter tips on using B.O.G. bookmakers to ensure you recommend the best price. We will manage all your subscribers and pay you 60% of their subscriptions automatically. All you need to worry about is tipping!  We take care of all of the admin."


Welcome to Besttipping, the only true professional horse racing tipster proofing service on the web and the only site where you can see which horse racing tipsters give tips that really deliver results.  If you want to look at all the horse racing tipsters and see their results you will need to register, this is FREE.  We will never charge you anything and you can then review all the tipsters to see who has delivered both recently and long term.

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The question many people ask of ‘How can I become a horse racing tipster’ and join the many other horse racing tipsters out there is probably the wrong question. The right question to ask is how do I become a horse racing tipster that makes money for both myself and my customers? This is the key, as there are many people who claim to be horse racing tipsters but very few who make a living as a ‘Horse Racing Tipster’. The tipsters who are consistantly profitable are the only ones who survive in the long term.


There are three main types of Horse Racing Tipster for you to choose between or combine:

  • The Win Horse Racing Tipster – predicts winning or each way horses. Will often use a points system to advise how strongly to back a winner.


  • The ‘Maximum Bet’ Horse Racing Tipster – often run as part of a general ‘Win’ service and frequently priced on a per bet basis this is the Horse Racing Tipsters ‘Best Bets’, those they feel most strongly about and are suggesting the punter backs 100%.

So you have the knowledge, analysis or system to provide the winners, you have tried it out for a number of years ideally – (one month of winning does not make you a successful horse racing tipster) now comes the hard part...

First you need to start marketing yourself and also start proofing yourself to a tipster proofing service that has had its procedures approved by CAP and has a wide range of quality horse racing tipsters already proofing to it. Besttipping for example is independently audited by a firm of accountants, to ensure our data is 100% accurate for all the horse racing tipsters we show.  Further, the accountants have confirmed that Besttipping proofing procedures are in line with the CAP Help Note on Betting Tipsters and in particular Horse Racing Tipsters.  

CAP is the industry facing sister organisation of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).  CAP writes and administers the Code that advertisers (in this case Horse Racing Tipsters) need to comply with and to respond to, consumer complaints about advertisements that fall within the Code's terms of reference. 


By proofing to the correct horse racing tipster proofing service, you provide certainty to your customers and the general public that what you claim as a horse racing tipster is the truth. It will also allow you to start advertising your service in a wide range of publications.


The hardest part though will be in the marketing, just putting a website up as a horse racing tipster will not work, you need to start building a following. This may take years and the best Horse Racing Tipsters have indeed being doing it for years, delivering results for their customers.