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How do I get my Horse Betting Tips into the Market Posted:
5th Dec 2006

Welcome to Besttipping, the only true professional tipster proofing service on the web and the only site where you can see which tipsters are deliver horse betting tips that really deliver results.  If you want to look at the tipsters and see their results you will need to register, this is FREE.  We will never charge you anything and you can then review all the tipsters to see who has delivered both recently and long term the Horse Betting Tips that have delivered.

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So you have received your horse betting tips! Now the next stage is actually getting the bets on. This sounds simple enough, you just look on an odds comparison site, in the newspaper or on the internet and place your money backing the horse betting tips you have received.


Others would argue, quite rightly in many cases, that the best way to get your horse betting tip bets into the market is through the exchanges. The challenge is that the more well known a tipster becomes, the more people will know about the horse betting tips that particular  tipster is giving out, and if they are known to be good, the market will move quickly. Thus it is not always as it seems at first to get your horse betting tips into the market.


One good way of checking how easy or difficult it will be with a particular tipster to get their horse betting tips into the market is by comparing on services such as Besttipping, the amount you would win on Recommend Price as compared to SP based on the horse betting tips that tipster has given. This gives an indication of how much the market move when the horse betting tips from a particular tipster come out. The more they move the harder it will be to the best/recommended prices for those horse betting tips as the market is also taking note of what is tipped and moving quickly. The only problem here is that with the new SP rules, the prices are simply too low to make a good return. What you can expect to get in terms of price probably lies nearer the 'recommended price' than the 'SP', but you should be aware that there may be 'slippage' in getting your bet on if the tipster has a large client base.


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