Horse Racing Tipping - Where does it come from Posted:
5th Dec 2006

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Horse Racing Tipping is to many an art form whilst others would claim that Horse Racing Tipping is in fact a ‘black art’ in that much of the information comes from the more shady side of the sport. What can not be argued with though is that Horse Racing Tipping can be very successful and those who are best at Horse Racing Tipping can delivery really exceptional results over the long term.


People who carry out Horse Racing Tipping come from all walks of life, many are ex-jockeys and trainers with contacts and inside information, whilst others approach it from a far more analytical angle. The variety of backgrounds comes through in the fact that a wide range of strategies are employed by Horse Racing Tipping experts from those who look only to identify the ‘long odds’ winner to others looking for ‘real value’ in the market.


Whatever the background many of the best performing Horse Racing Tipping experts prefer to remain secret, whilst other revel in their celebrity. The real task though for any punter is to identify who doing the Horse Tipping will deliver real profits over the long term to you. To do this you need to take in account not only the absolute amount the Horse Racing Tipping expert delivers, but also the number of bets that it has taken to achieve this. In addition the punter needs to consider if the Horse Racing Tipping expert bases their claims of winnings on recommended or flat stake and also whether Starting or Recommended Price.

The right Horse Racing Tipping expert for you will be one that suite your own betting style and preference both based on frequency of betting and also how you prefer to bet.