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Betting Glossary - Essential Betting Terms beginning with E

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E/W or EW
See Each Way.
Each Way
Betting that a horse will be placed first, second or third (sometimes fourth) by dividing the stake 'each way'. The stake is thus split in two equal portions one on a  win, one on a place. You bet the same amount of money on the selection to win, at the stated odds, and on the selection getting a place (1st 2nd or 3rd). Thus, a '£1 each way' bet costs £2. The odds you get for the place bet is usually a quarter or a fifth of the odds on the win bet. So, if the horse wins, you get the win odds on the win bet and the place odds on the first place. If the horse comes second, say, you get only the return on the place part of the bet. Therefore a £10 each way bet on a horse at 10-1 would return 10x10 = 100 + the stake of 10 = 110 on the win bet, and 10/5=2-1 on the place, the latter being £30 (i.e. the winnings of 2x10 plus the stake of 10).
The 'tic-tac' / Slang term for 6/4.
Eased up
when a jockey stops putting pressure on a horse, allowing it to slow down
East Coast Line
Mainly used in hockey, which has a split-goal line e.g. - Philadelphia Flyers (1 - 1 ½) favorite over the LA Kings as opposed to goal spread plus moneyline (-1/2 -180).
A persons Advantage when it comes to sports betting.
Effect of the Draw
On racetracks with bends or where a strip of ground on one side of the track has better going, the horses drawn nearest the bending rail or in line with the favoured strip have an advantage. This is particularly true in handicaps and where a front-runner is among those with a favoured draw.
En Prison
In roulette this describes a stake left on the table for a further spin of the wheel when you have bet either black or red and the outcome was zero.
The 'tic-tac' / Slang term for 9/1.
A price of 1/1.
Exotic Bet
Action other than a straight bet or parlay
The maximum amount of money a sports book/bookie/you stand to lose on a game.