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Isiris were one of the first services to join Besttipping for our launch in October 2005. For the next 3 years, right up until the point that they took a sabbatical for personal reasons at the end of 2008, Isiris were at or near the top of our tables. During those three years they accumulated a massive profit of over £65,000 to £50 per point stake. Now they have decided the time is right to re enter the market, and are once again proofing only to us. We are delighted to have them back!

Britain’s biggest and most popular Racing Service – Quoted by top bookmakers as the ONLY Racing Service that they genuinely fear.  Just 2 to 3 main account bets per week (plus 1 or 2 free optional daily 'insider' bets).

This is the cream of Racing Services, aimed at members who are organised and disciplined and whose only interest is in making serious profits, year after year.

*** Besttipping include 'Main account' and 'Insider' bets in this analysis. Both services are included by Isiris in one subscription price.