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The Bet Collection was set up in December 2004 to provide those people interested in horse racing but short of time or experience in picking their own horses, with a profitable alternative they can trust and rely on. We are backed by a blue chip marketing business and have a team of experts working for us all of who are there to help you with any questions you may have.

As far as our experts are concerned - we believe we have assembled the most talented individuals with form readers, trainers, odds compilers and ex bookies amongst them!

Our services have common goals, firstly to provide the highest quality selections, secondly to enable racing enthusiasts to participate in the "Sport of Kings" on an even footing and finally (and probably most importantly) to generate as much profit for our subscribers as possible.

The Maximum Account provides the ability to stake significant amounts of money based on an extremely high win and place strike rate. On most race cards there are between 1 and 2 runners that stand out from the rest and with our experts knowledge and form ratings we narrow these horses down to 3 or 4 value selections per week. We made over £11,000profit on this account in 2005, staking £100 per point level stakes

Bet Collection also proof their Main account to Besttipping and offer not proofed the 'Exclusive' and 'Classic 2 Horse' sevices.