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Type of Service.  Established in 2005 b4racing is a betting advisory service offering betting advice on UK horse racing.  We believe selectivity, discipline and patience is the key to long-term profits, and from a choice of approximately 8,000 races per year, advise an average 150 to 250 bets per year.

The Objective.  The long-term objective is the thrill of showing a profit at the end of a full year punting not the thrill of betting.  If you have the patience and discipline to accept some no bet days and would like the thrill of showing a profit at the end of a full years punting then consider joining b4racing.

Type of Bets.  The majority of the bets are single win bets to straightforward level 1pt stakes.

Results.  Established in 2005 we now have three years of service and three years of profits shown.

The Long-Term View.  We cannot promise quick riches from backing racehorses however, results since the service began demonstrate that with the right mental approach which requires the patience and discipline needed to take the long-term view and think years instead of days, weeks or months there are decent long-term profits to be made in an industry were the large majority of punters backing race horses lose.

How it Works.  Advised bets can be made available to you by the following methods:


  • SMS text message to your mobile phone (worldwide service available).
  • Email
  • Login to the member's area.

Times of Posting.  Afternoon Bets: Most afternoon bets are posted by 2:00pm.  Occasionally there are late bets posted closer to the start of the race.

Evening Bets:   Most evening bets are posted by 6:00pm.  Occasionally there are late bets posted closer to the start of the race.

Summery.  B4racing do not have a magic wand and cannot promise quick riches and big returns to small stakes from betting on racehorses, in our opinion unless you are very fortunate that is not the real world.  However, if you are prepared to take a disciplined patient long-term business approach to your betting and think years then b4racing can assist you to place your betting on that long-term profitable footing.  Our results since the service began show that we have enough of the all-important edge needed to show long-term profits that could be used as a second income relative to your stake.