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How to bet safely on the Cheltenham Festival?

Betting is a huge part of the Cheltenham Festival and is one thing that most people think about when this festival is mentioned. The festival treats its fans to twenty-eight races that people can place a bet on. Bookmakers start to prepare for this event early because it makes the most money for them in the year. Punters need to look for bookmakers or sportsbooks that offer the best offers. 

New customers usually get offers and promotions that every person betting should look out for for the first time. There are also tipsters that give tips that punters can use as a guide before placing a bet. Betting safely is a phrase that may be frowned upon, and some people would probably go as far as saying it is impossible. However, it is not entirely impossible, and we are going to look at a few ways punters can ensure they bet safely during the Cheltenham Festival.


The first one is to have a budget set aside for betting and sticking to it. The festival should be treated like a special occasion or a holiday where one decides how much money will be spent and sets it aside. One should consider that this money can be lost and ensure that it’s not an amount that will harm their general financial position. If a win occurs, treat it as a bonus.

Another way is to shop for the best bookmakers. Many bookmakers out there have a terrible reputation and are out to relieve the punters of their hard-earned money. Therefore, it is crucial to take some time to ensure that the bookmaker one goes with is a reputable one to avoid losing money. Reputable bookies can ensure that one gets good tips before placing their bets as they work with some of the best tipsters. Getting betting tips on the 2021 Gold Cup, which is a highlight of the four-day event, from a reputable tipster can lead to a fantastic experience of betting for any punter.

It is also vital to do some horse racing homework before placing a bet. This means that one should research a horse before placing a bet on it. The Cheltenham Festival usually attracts some of the most talented horses and jockeys, but that does not mean that one should put their bet blindly. Taking some time to research will ensure that the bets placed have a higher chance of profitability instead of relying on pure luck. Some of the factors to consider when researching a horse include the horse’s history, which can be crucial to success, the courses the horses like, previous wins in the same race and the general form of the horse.

Lastly, take advantage of free offers and promotions given by bookmakers and sportsbooks. Some of them are specifically aimed at new customers, but some have offers for their existing customers. Take some time to look for these offers instead of rushing and realizing later there was something better. The Cheltenham Festival is considered the most prominent betting week of the year. It offers some great betting opportunities that punters can benefit from as long as they do it properly. Doing so ensures that they do not lose their money but instead have a great experience, whether it’s their first time to place a bet or they are avid punters.