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2014 is proving to be yet another extremely profitable year for A1 Racing Private Service members with 6 winning months from 7 (Jan-Jul)

A1 Racing launched back in 1996, our private service is regarded by many as a thoroughly professional racing service. Its simplicity is unique, with approximately 5-7 bets per month concentrating on value betting, with a simple recommended staking system of 1-3pts on all bets advised.

The secret to consistent long term profits in racing is having access to genuine information combined with value betting. These two ingredients are vital in accumulating long term profits.

By using our unique staking system on bets, backed up with genuine information and applying a value betting strategy, our private service has excelled since it was launched way back in 1996. Anyone who has been involved with horse racing on a regular basis will know (or certainly should know!) that there are very few short cuts to riches in a short space of time.

In order to be successful, one simply must be prepared to be patient in the racing game. Achieving long term profits is fairly simple as long as one realises that there are lows as well as highs.

Thankfully the A1 RACING PRIVATE SERVICE has never endured a really disastrous losing run in all the time it has been operating.

Our profits are calculated on a monthly basis at starting price on all bets.

Long term profits such as ours can be achieved by applying dedication to one's betting.

Remember it is not a get-rich-quick scheme that we operate. Things can and do go wrong from time to time, which is inevitable in racing. However, with our guidance and expertise we will endeavour to provide a first-class service for our private service members, with a view to achieving big long term annual profits.