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If you want to win money on horse racing, then you have come to the right place.  In horse racing there is no such thing as a certainty on any individual horse, however if you have knowledge and discipline you can make a long term profit though selective betting.

They key to it all is being able to identify profitable betting opportunities and having the discipline and the control to wait till such opportunities arise.   The role I fulfil to my clients is one of horse racing researcher, analyst and profitable betting opportunity spotter.   My clients bet when I give them the green light to do so. 

Personally I spend many hours each day compiling detailed research into horses and trainers.   My aim is not to find the most likely winner of the race but to find the bet that offers long term value.  Sometimes the best advice I can give to my clients is not to have a bet that day and to save their investment for a future date.   

The aim of the game is not to provide entertainment or a gambling buzz but to seek value betting investments for my clients.   Typically my clients do not have the knowledge or hours of spare time necessary to carry out the detailed research required to succeed.