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ENGLISH SOCCERTIPS betting service deals with a betting revolution that has taken place since August 2002. Single bets are now allowed on all Domestic and European football matches

In the last four seasons we have won over £7000 to a £100 stake per selection. All our results can be viewed on-line before subscribing.

How ENGLISH SOCCERTIPS works. The punter now has a very distinct advantage, as each week all the bookmaking firms have to price up every single game on offer, and they can't all agree and can't all get it right. On occasion they will underestimate a team's real chance of winning and ENGLISH SOCCERTIPS have an unrivalled record of picking up on these mistakes and making the bookies pay for them.

What we do ...
The SOCCERTIPS team watch matches daily and report back to our panel with their findings. We also keep up to date with the latest team news using clubs' and news websites. Before giving you a tip, the whole ENGLISH SOCCERTIPS team must be in agreement that there is a very good chance of making you money.

If we cannot agree then there will be no tip.

We aim to give between 5 and 10 tips per month that will always be win singles. Each selection will be e mailed to you before 12.00 noon (GMT) the day before the game takes place. We will also advise which bookmaker is offering the best price at the time of the tip.

ENGLISH SOCCERTIPS is an exclusive service. We are fully aware that bookmakers will soon cut the price of teams that attract a lot of money and for that reason we have limited spaces available. We also urge members to break down large bets; this way the bookie is more likely to let you get your bet on at the best price.

ENGLISH SOCCERTIPS is excellent value for money and we are confident that you will find our service highly profitable. There it is, an opportunity for you take serious money off those bookies and put it into your wallet.




Number of Bets = 77

Total Stakes at £100 per selection = £7700

Total Returns at £100 per selection = £9526

Total Profits at £100 per selection = £1826