Richard Dunwoody NH & Ante Post (D) | Analysis and Proofing by Besttipping

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3-time Champion National Hunt jockey Richard Dunwoody is a name synonymous with endurance and courage to match his renowned integrity - a recent 673-mile trek to the South Pole for charity being a perfect illustration.    One of the most widely admired and respected jockeys the sport has ever-known, Richard is a relatively recent addition to the stable of racing tipsters and is one to seriously consider if you value transparency, courtesy and fairness from your chosen advisory team.

Throughout his career Richard was famed for his thorough preparation and attention to detail. He is now applying the same rigour to developing a suite of betting advisory services, and has painstakingly assembled a team of diligent form experts and support staff, who pride themselves on the very highest standards of customer service. You won't get any trumped-up claims from these chaps that's for sure.   

Their two flagship services are a brilliantly conceived and technically impressive odds-to service called Pay-As-You-Win (not proofed to Besttipping) and a National Hunt Members Club featuring some compelling Ante-Post shots and a sensibly pitched 5-point staking plan - proofed here.  Early results for this newly revamped and launched services look very promising, with some juicy free offers and ‘no odds-on' guarantees thrown in to whet the appetite.   You could do a lot worse than give the Dunwoody team a run for your money this season.