Personal Info Posted:
9th Jan 2007

Welcome to Personal Info. Firstly, Many Thanks for you're interest shown so far in our services. We would now like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Personal Info Racing Advisory Services: Please believe me when I tell you that Personal Info do have some superb GENUINE High Class Horse Racing Information that can be made available to you ....TODAY!! In the past Personal Info have placed many advertisements in the Racing Post and other Sporting Publications......PERSONAL SECTIONS for:

"WANTED Genuine High Class Information"

Personal Info did place these many advertisements with the intent of setting up a Racing Advisory Service..........Hence the name of our services: PERSONAL INFO. In these advertisements we requested applicants to be able to provide: "GENUINE HIGH CLASS HORSE RACING INFORMATION" In return Personal Info offered huge incentives such as ODDS-TO bets or agreed advanced retainers to successful applicants. Personal Info did have an excellent response as well over 250 applicants sent us PERSONAL details of both themselves and the information that they indicated that they were privy to. Obviously this number was far too great as Personal Info wanted just a small but reliable number of racing confidants that we could work closely with. After, whittling down the initial lucky opportunist's Personal Info now have a small select group of ...Racing Confidants that we retain

Personal Info can now pass on this very Genuine High Class Horse Racing Information to a very limited number of genuine racing enthusiast, who themselves promise to take this private members information for their personal use only.

As a real racing enthusiast we would like to invite you to subscribe to the Personal Info MAINLINE service available in subscriptions from ONLY 3 to 12 Months. The MAINLINE includes ALL MAX BETS. Please take your time to view all the information especially our profit and loss page.

**** personal-info work on a recommended stake range of 1-12 points and tip on average 3/4 times a week. If you view their performance for a £10 recommended stake therefore, you would be betting an average of £60, 3/4 times per week.


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