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...Welcome to the PERSONAL INFO Horse Racing Advisory Service, Presented and run by Kevin Mather one of the very best professional horse racing tipsters in the industry as our long term stats and facts on this site WILL prove.
If you are fed up with rubbish horse racing tips and miracle "systems" and being ripped off with false "insider information”!?. Then you've come to the right place.
It's said that 98% of punters fail to make profits backing horses! The PERSONAL INFO service has a proven track record going many years, therefore, if you wish to be in the elite 2% who make big profits from betting on horses, then it is in your own best interest that YOU take the time to read the proven stats and facts presented in more detail on the Personal Info website very carefully!
Here are some Personal Info bullet points: 
Personal Info have Proven Stats available going back 7.5 Years.
Personal Info have recorded Proven Profits of 
£95,590 to just £100pp stakes.
Personal Info have recorded profits in 48 of the last 57 months = a profitable month Strike Rate of almost 85% (84.21), which is a MAGNIFICENT achievement.
Personal Info have recorded successful bets advised at 33/1, 25/1, 20/1 & 18/1
Personal Info Stats for Last 20 Personal-Info Bets at 01/08/12: 
Full Stats for Last 20 Personal-Info Bets:
10 WINNERS = a 50% Win Strike Rate
Including: 11/1 WON, 13/2 WON & 7/2 WON
Plus we also had 4 placed bets adv EW = a 70% Return Strike Rate
Including successful bets adv at: 20/1, 18/1 & 11/1 
Total Staked: 37.75
Total Profit: 29.3922
Av adv Stakes per bet = 1.8875 points 
Av Price Adv = almost 5/1 (5.64)
R/O/I = 77.86% 
Personal Info are currently offering a limited 25% Discount to member of Besttipping, please use promo code: bt25
These are CLEAR PROFIT figures and are inclusive of any losing bets and remember that profits made from betting on horse racing is TOTALLY TAX FREE in the UK!
We are currently making an exclusive LIMITED EXTRA SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT to BESTTIPPING MEMBERS!   To take up the EXTRA SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT OFFER simply enter the promotional CODE: bt25 on the online application form when prompted on the PERSONAL INFO website link at the top of this page.
Kind Regards
Kevin Mather (Director) PERSONAL INFO