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What's our secret?  No hot inside info, no magic formulae, just an experienced judge of horse racing who will spend hours of private study and research time to analysis a single race before a firm bet is advised to clients.

Is the service profitable?  In a word..Yes.  I am new to Besttipping but have been in operation for some time now. Last year the Guardian newspaper undertook a year long review of my service.. Significantly more profits have been added since that review was written.

Do you just give the name of a horse or is there more too it than that?  A lot more.  Every time I have a bet my reasoning is explained in full in my email to clients.  Absorb the information in these detailed messages you will learn how to think like a winning bettor.  What can you learn from just the name of a horse?  How will you ever improve or learn to stand on your own two feet?

Another key aspect along the educational route are our private member forums.  Share your own ideas, strategies, ask questions about betting and improve your game.   When you join Mathematician-Betting you are not alone. You are joining an active community with some very successful and knowledgeable bettors within.

How Can I access the Tips?  1 - Email;  2 - Private webpage;  3 - 0871 pin protected phone line;  4 - SMS for Account Bets is also free is you want it.

Do you offer a Free Service?  Yes. The free service however takes a quality not quantity approach.  Several of the major races or meetings each year are analysed in detail and emailed out to free service members.  Each year round Cheltenham time for example my inbox is buzzing with people asking when this years Free Cheltenham Report will arrive in their inbox.

What Now?  Well visit my site and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if you want to see a spreadsheet of longer term results.


Guy Ward