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The main aim of the James Boyle Racing service is to find good, solid value bets at decent prices that will come up trumps in the long term and provide members with a sizable edge on the market, with an ROI of 15-25% being the generally expected level. Each selection is accompanied with thorough write-ups/analysis to explain the thought process behind their merits and whilst only 12-15% of the picks end up winning, the prices are large enough to ensure that it is more than sufficient to yield nice profits.

JBR is a selective service with just 15-20 bets each month, sometimes more during the busier spells, and as such it requires plenty of patience from members. Losing runs are common place as well but to be expected when playing the “value” game and searching for incorrect prices instead of obvious winning chances (they’re the ones that end up giving you long-term losses; “obvious” horses are mostly underpriced in the market, though not always).

The selections are accessed through the JBR website and go online at 10am on most occasions, though at the bigger meetings or on Saturdays, are available at 5am. Updates are provided the night before racing (again, in the members’ area on the site) as to whether you can expect a bet at post-time on the following day.

Prices are generally easy to acquire, though when having a bet in the lesser handicaps the advised price can disappear within 5-10 minutes so it is advised that members are available to check the site at post time and don’t delay too long. Getting the prices is absolutely key to achieving success in the longer term. In the main, though, they’re not that hard to get if you have a half-decent set of accounts to work from. The majority do come in for support later in the day.