Isiris Posted:
9th Jan 2007

Isiris Racing is probably Britain's biggest and most popular Racing Service.  The Isiris racing services offers big profits (over £11,500 average profit per year to £70 stakes for Isiris subscribers) with a high strike-rate (over 60% of Isiris Racing bets were successful in 2005).

Isiris Racing is now in our 15th consecutive winning year. Isiris Racing is often quoted by top bookmakers as the ONLY Racing Service that they genuinely fear.   Isiris Racing gives just 2 to 3 main account bets per week (plus 1 or 2 free Isiris optional daily 'insider' bets).

Isiris Racing is the cream of Racing Services, aimed at members who are organised and disciplined and whose only interest is in making serious profits, year after year - and with the help of Isiris Racing they can.

*** Besttipping include 'Isiris Racing Main account' and 'Isiris RacingInsider' bets in this analysis. Both Isiris Racing services are included by Isiris Racing in one subscription price. For the purpose of calculating 'recommended stake' performance, Besttipping take each Isiris Racing1/4 point take to equal one unit.

To view Isiris Racing's results just register for FREE.  You can then see all the results from  Isiris Racing, Personal Info, Bookies Enemy, CD Systems and a whole host of other tipster.    Isiris Racing only offer full year subscriptions as they believe profits come to those that stick with a service.  Isiris Racing have a proven track record at delivering those profits.  Join Isiris Racing today and start realising some serious profits!

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