FBI Raceline Posted:
10th Jan 2007

The FBI Raceline was established in March 2005 and has provided clients with the UK's most honest, reliable and straightforward advice service.  In the ten months to the end of 2005, FBI Raceline advised our clients to a profit of £19,690.67 to recommended £100 per point level stakes.

FBI Raceline use a simple two point staking system for each selection, just two points for a win bet or one point each way (total two points).  FBI Raceline annual forecast would therefore have been £23,628 based on a typical monthly average of £1,969.

FBI Raceline pride ourselves on providing top quality advice alongside who to put your money with at what price some TWO HOURS before most other services.  This ensures you get the best early price available.

With an impressive strike rate of 44.19% for 2005 and an equally staggering 18.75% return on investment you're money would certainly have been better off with FBI Raceline than in a bank investment!  Big things are expected for 2006 as we expand our membership base and target ourselves to improve beyond a £2,000 monthly income and those strike rates.

Our typical selection is never advised at odds-on as we always look for good-value selections including some big-priced runners too!

Come and join us now for a truly professional service that is easy to follow, reliable and most importantly, honest!  If we claim it on our website, we can prove it and all of our advice from day one has been proofed (and will continue to be) to the Racing Post and our business managers at Goldcall Ltd.

Our advice can be obtained by email, text message, non-premium rate telephone line or the secure area of our website.    FBI Raceline look forward to welcoming you as a new member very shortly.