David Lyons Blue Sky Racing Posted:
13th Feb 2007

The Board of Besttipping have decided that they can no longer as of 20th November 2008 to continue to proof David Lyons Blue Sky Racing tipping service.  


The David Lyons' Blue Sky Racing tipping service combines the very best of the David Lyons' previous tipping services Dailydabble.com with the high quality researched horses from the Blue Sky Racing tipping team.   The David Lyons' Blue Sky Racing tipping service provide honest, genuine, well-analysed and well-sourced selections.  The David Lyons' Blue Sky Racing tipping service is in level stakes points profit in excess of 90+ since 1st July 2006.  Based on the results of the last five years the David Lyons' Blue Sky Racing tipping service feels that a level stakes profit of 70/100 points is highly feasible from Blue Sky Racing tips during the course of any one calendar year.  The David Lyons' Blue Sky Racing tipping service will provide a daily broadcast of the David Lyons' Blue Sky Racing on line at 11am in the winter and 11.30am in the summer. 

Belonging to David Lyons' Blue Sky Racing service also means being part of an auspicious circle that enjoys the lifestyle of racehorse ownership, without the daily responsibility. The David Lyons' Blue Sky Racing members are one step ahead of the rest, secure in the knowledge that seasoned professionals have an ear to the ground on behalf of David Lyons' Blue Sky Racing members.

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David Lyons Bluesky

David Lyons' racing career began at the stables of Martin Pipe 23 years ago. David Lyons worked his way up to become a jockey's agent and then a racing journalist before setting up his other business Inside Track Racing Days in 1999 (www.itrd.co.uk). David Lyons is a well-respected and well-connected expert in the horse racing world and has a proven track record as a race horse owner as well as a tipster, through his renowned David Lyons Bluesky tipping service.

David Lyons has experienced racing from every angle and this unique expertise puts the David Lyons' Bluesky Racing Club at a considerable advantage. David Lyons isn't simply endorsing the David Lyons Bluesky Club, he is living and breathing the David Lyons Bluesky club and wants to use David Lyons' knowledge and connections to benefit the David Lyons Bluesky members and make David Lyons Bluesky Racing Club a success.