Looking for a Betting Tip Posted:
10th Jan 2007

Welcome to Besttipping, the only true professional horse racing tipster proofing service on the web and the only site where you can find a good betting tip.  If you want to look at all the tipsters' betting tips and see their results you will need to register, this is FREE.  We will never charge you anything and you can then review all the betting tip s to see who has delivered both recently and long term.

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Looking for a betting tip? then look no further than  Besttipping.  We have many of the top tipsters in the business so you can view their past performance to see which of them really delivers the results on their betting tips.

The services are not free, but you can review their betting tips sure in the knowledge the results have been vetted by both Besttipping and an independent auditor.   So you get the real results from the betting tips they have made.  After all a betting tip is only any good if it actually delivers real returns for you the customer.  Under the graph of each Tipster you can view every Betting Tip they provide and the results.  Thus for each betting tip you get a full result along with profit and loss based both on SP and Recommended price.

A free betting tip after all is probably not worth having, many sites claim to offer free betting tips, but in reality if the betting tip is free you have to question how good it is.  Even the newspapers offer betting tips free each day, but again click on the link below and see for yourself their performance.  If you want a betting tip that is going to deliver a real return then look at the tipster on Besttipping.  They provide betting tips each day that give real returns to you.